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Welcome to my collection of Amateur Radio related information and some blogging in the hobby. I am still getting things set up, so come in and have a look around, and don't forget to check back soon, as more stuff is coming. Guests are encouraged to add their comments, however the comments are screened for spam.

Why R/C? ( Radio Control ) Part 1

Part 1 of a series of how and why I got into R/C or radio control aircraft other remote controlled models. Ok, so it is not really amateur radio, it is a little bit related. Many years ago, while still in high school, I received a SIG Kadet MK II R/C airplane for Christmas

Horrible audio on TKR-820

I have been on and off battling this for a few weeks now. It's either too soft, too loud, overdriven, humming, whatever... So I dug into it this weekend and started ripping things apart. I also have  a Squelch board that I want to install, The squelch board uses discriminator audio to sence quieting and then give the controller a COR signal. The TKR-820 does not have a COR signal when the internal controller / signaling board is removed, at least none that I can find, I will still look into that.

Setting up the Si4707 WX receiver breakout board.

Setting up a SI4707 Weather receiver breakout board with SAME decoding to work with an Arduino. First impressions and some tips to get it running. The SI4707 breakout board came in a few days early, so i got to check it out over the holiday weekend.  Read more


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